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Evolution Glass: Social Impact Design with Recycled Glass

  • City Space 100 5th Street NE Charlottesville, VA 22902 USA (map)

Consumer and industrial waste remain a significant source of economic loss in our community affecting our overall well-being and the health of our ecosystems. Over 8 million tons of glass end up in the landfill each year: enough glass to fill more than 6 Empire State Buildings! Only a small portion of glass is actually recycled (around 30%). Founded in 2015 by Bill Hess, Evolution Glass is a social impact business and product that raises awareness about high value opportunities for recycled glass. Using 100% recycled glass packaging (bottles, jars, etc.) and an innovative process, award- winning, internationally recognized, beautiful and unique solid glass surfaces for countertops, tables and other uses are created. The surfaces are powerful, both visually and functionally and serve as an exceptional and notable addition to any living space. The company has completed over 30 installations locally and regionally, including a 60 sq. ft. kitchen near Chicago. Through these projects, an important and positive impact on the way people understand waste glass has been made. In addition to Evolution Glass surfaces, numerous other options remain for waste glass to be reused locally in the form of tile, gravel, and cement, and these avenues are largely neglected. This business is poised to have an even broader positive impact on how people reconsider waste locally, regionally, and globally.