Greenbound RVA curates and organizes events for clean energy and environmental professionals in Richmond, Virginia



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Richmond, VA is becoming a hub for jobs in clean energy and environmental conservation - professions that I refer to collectively as Greenbound. Greenbound professionals share a common compass that guides us to a healthy and resilient environment. The mission of Greenbound RVA is to catalyze the creation and adoption of clean energy technologies, policies, and businesses in Virginia while supporting the preservation of a healthy, resilient, and vibrant environment for future generations. Our vision is to create a community resource for Greenbound professionals to connect, network, and engage with the Richmond area.

CONNECT. Greenbound professionals are driven beyond the bottom line and dedicate their careers towards advancing social and environmental causes through energy issues. Connect and decompress with other focused and driven peers at our Clean Power Hours.

NETWORK. Greenbound professionals never fully turn off from work-mode. Casual conversations at Clean Power Hours often turn into valuable exchanges of ideas and industry insights.

ENGAGE. In addition to social and networking events, Greenbound RVA will also connect members with opportunities to volunteer at local events, support local social causes, and reconnect with the natural world through hikes, bike rides, trail maintenance, and more.

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