There is a trend of Greenbound professionals descending on a burgeoning clean energy industry in Richmond. Being a new Richmond resident myself - as of summer 2018 - I wanted to connect my more established contacts in my network with other recent transplants to the Richmond area. In early November 2018, I arranged a happy hour to connect some new friends with some old friends. A few contacts were not available on short notice while others not only attended but they passed the invitation along to their networks resulting in a great turnout.

Connections were made, industry knowledge was shared, new relationships started, and the voice of the people was heard - Greenbound professionals want to get together more frequently to continue these conversations.

The professionals who inspired Greenbound RVA bring diverse experiences and backgrounds with them in their respective industries from entrepreneurs, lawyers, energy efficiency professionals, solar developers, advocacy professionals, legislative staffers, financial institutions, non-profits, and more. We are all brought together by a common mission - to leave this world just a little better than when we found it.

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Chase leads a team dedicated towards implementing and executing utility-sponsored energy efficiency programs focused on serving low-income households and other vulnerable populations in Virginia. He manages a network of subcontractors, trade allies, and in-house staff to deliver services. Utility partners include investor-owned electric and gas utilities and rural electric cooperatives throughout the Commonwealth. Previously, he organized rooftop solar bulk-purchasing campaigns in southwest Virginia. He began as an instructor teaching building science and weatherization and later conducted residential and commercial energy audits as an independent consultant. He is an alumnus of the Clean Energy Leadership Institute, a Certified Energy Manager®, stays active in several industry organizations, and serves as the U.S. Director of Outreach for Weatherizers Without Borders. In late 2018, he started Greenbound RVA to connect clean energy and environmental professionals in Richmond, VA.